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CLL and Richter's Syndrome - Current Thinking

Track 3
Tuesday, April 30, 2024
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Room 3A


The session will cover 3 aspects of CLL which are highly topical. The first session will explain the approach of using measurable residual disease to guide therapies, and how this can be considered alongside today's continuous and time limited approaches. The second session will examine high risk CLL and how to manage such case in both front line and the relapsed settings. Finally, the third session will give an overview of Richter's Syndrome and current thinking about this difficult to treat disease.


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Dr Talha Munir
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

MRD Directed Therapy- What is it and how does it fit in?

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Dr Helen Marr
Consultant Haematologist
Freeman Hospital, Newcastle

Management of high risk CLL

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Dr. Toby Eyre
Consultant Haematologist
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

CLL and Richter's Syndrome - Current Thinking


Renata J Walewska
Consultant Haematologist
University Hospitals Dorset